Method of making folding chair structure

2023-03-30 14:41

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the quality of life is also improving. People go out and have more and more outdoor leisure products. For example, when people go out to travel, they often carry folding tents, tables, chairs, hammocks and other outdoor products. The existing folding products, people not only pursue the function of foldability, in the use of performance is also in the pursuit of comfort. In order to increase the comfort of folding chair, folding rocking chair is commonly used, and folding rocking chair is connected to the chair foot with two arcs of rocker, chair can swing back and forth after expansion to achieve the function of rocking chair, because the rocker should be set long enough, the chair will not lose balance when shaking, so the structure of folding rocking chair after folding, its rod is longer, The volume after folding is larger.

The utility model aims to provide a folding chair structure with simple structure and increased user comfort.

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