Is it necessary to purchase a camping bed when planning to go camping outdoors?

2023-04-01 13:58

Senior campers are definitely familiar with camping beds, and some families definitely have them. There are various names for camping beds in China, such as folding beds, marching beds, camping beds, etc. In short, it is a very portable bed that can be used outdoors, and generally can only sleep for one person.

In fact, camping beds, in plain terms, let us sleep when camping outdoors. I don't think it's necessary to buy this item because sleeping outdoors has perfectly solved the problem of moisture and cold protection, relying on sleeping bags and moisture pads. With these two things, sleeping outdoors is no problem at all.

Some people may say that using a folding bed is more comfortable to sleep with without feeling the diaphragm. In fact, this view itself is incorrect. Firstly, we must choose a flat place when searching for a camping site. Secondly, before setting up a tent, we will also clean the hard rocks and branches of the camp to avoid scratching the tent, and then use a moistureproof pad+air pad, which is usually enough. If a camping site feels flustered after using a moisture-proof mat, your tent is not far from being scrapped, as this type of place can cause the greatest damage to the tent. If you love your tent, you need to choose your camping site well.

In fact, a marching bed simply improves the quality of sleeping outdoors. If you cannot sleep without a bed, it is recommended to purchase a marching bed. In addition, it is not recommended to purchase a marching bed. In addition, people who carry a marching bed are basically driving by themselves, because it is difficult to carry by manpower, and they can only rely on the vehicle.

Although I don't recommend purchasing, for those who can't sleep without a bed, I still want to share some dry goods here to help you choose a cost-effective marching bed.

Most camping beds can be disassembled, and the space occupied after storage is not very large. The supports of most camping beds are made of aluminum alloy, which is not only strong and lightweight, but also made of steel, but this type of bed is very cumbersome. There are currently three types of stents, namely, straight leg structures, C-type retractable structures, and X-type leg structures. Straight legs are a relatively traditional type. C-shaped legs are commonly used indoors, while X-shaped legs are common outdoors.

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